Finn & Roots
Contact: Elizabeth & Shawn Robinson
City: Bakersfield, VT, 05441
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Phone: 802-933-4355
About Us
Nestled in the middle of the 200 acre farm sits our recently constructed building called the "Eco-Ark". A unique structure that combines greenhouse with subterranean insulated building, where we grow plants and fish together in a sustainable symbiotic ecosystem. We grow uninterrupted 365 days a year inside the Eco-Ark using only the sun and firewood from the farm to maintain 70 degree temperature. This enables us to grow and offer Peppers, Lettuce, Basil, Cucumbers and Microgreens 12 months a year!

The Eco-Ark building was the result of husband and wife Shawn and Liz Robinson's desire to be able to produce sustainably grown local food year round rather than for just a short season.
We grow using a centuries old little known practice called Aquaponics. Thought to be one of the most sustainable growing techniques aquaponics utilizes the natural waste produced by the fish to be used as organic fertilizer for the plants. Growing in recirculating water systems we use 90 percent less water than soil based farming and our produce is clean and free of grit with an exceptionally long shelf life.

We take great pride that our food is free of Pesticides, Herbicides, GMO's, Antibiotics, and Hormones. Because we grow sensitive fish in the same ecosystem as the plants we grow "Beyond Organic" using beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs to control pests and we have no need for herbicides with indoor growing.