Daniel's Apairy
Contact: Daniel Thibault
Address: 575 Spooner Rd Fairfax, VT, 05454
Email Address:
Phone: 802-849-2648
About Us
Daniel's Apiary is owned by a young beekeeper, Daniel Thibault, who is currently attending college to become an Electrical Engineer. The apiary is being tended by his father while he is away, as a hobby, to help fund Daniel's college education.
Our honey is produced from local Vermont wild flowers in the Fairfax area. It is raw, unheated and is minimally filtered. It can and probably will crystallize into a spreadable consistency. It is possible to reliquify it by setting the jar in warm water and slowly warming it, being careful not to allow water to get mixed in. Afterword it will remain liquid for quite some time. Beware, by heating the honey you may destroy any beneficial enzymes that some people believe help relieve or prevent some allergies.