Breezy Acres Farm
Contact: Mark and Wendy Brouillette
Address: 536 Fuller Bridge Road Montgomery, VT, 05476
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Phone: 802-326-2197
About Us
We are a 210 acre farm, fourth generation, nestled in the hills of Montgomery overlooking Jay Peak, Hazen's Notch, and Trout River. Our farm has transitioned from milking Jerseys for 60 years to raising pork, beef, chicken and turkey for retail sale. What started out as feeding ourselves over the years and then a few neighbors turned into receiving our retail license in 2014 with demand rising. Our mission is to enable the everyday working class family to be able to provide healthy, naturally raised protein to their families and feel good about knowing it was raised naturally and humanely, living a happy and healthy life. This all translates to not only healthy, lean meat, but peace of mind in knowing you are encouraging a better type of life for our domesticated friends we choose to eat versus factory farming and all the unhealthy, inhumane practices behind it.

Our beef herd consists of the strong Hereford Beef with a couple Hereford/Angus cross cows. Our calves stay with their moms in the herd situation growing big and strong on pasture and mom's milk. All of our herd have pasture access 24/7 with the exception of severe winter weather. They can graze the pastures all the time and enjoy our farm's hay when pasture nutrition is low or non existent in the off season. Beef is then grain supplemented the last week or so before butchering.

Our pigs consist of Yorkshires with crosses of Tamworth, Berkshire, and Duroc. We find crossing breeds brings out the best of each breed. We currently have 6 sows and 2 boars in the breeding rotation. Our sows have their piglets freely--NOT in gestation crates. The pigs are allowed to graze, rut, wallow, and well, just be pigs! It's common to see little piglets and big piglets scampering over when you visit or see them running up the hill or across the pasture. They are supplemented with Poulin grain, veggies, fruit, and prep scraps from the local schools, restaurants, and farm stands. Piglets stay with their moms until well on their way, and then remain with their siblings until market time of 6-8 months.

Our poultry are housed in moveable pens so they can be raised on grass and enjoy the fresh air as well. We offer Freedom Ranger Chickens twice a year fresh, with extras vacuum sealed for sale out of the freezer. White broad breasted turkeys are offered fresh for your Thanksgiving table. All poultry receive Poulin grain made right in Newport, Vermont to balance their diet while they scatch, peck, and graze.

We look forward to showing others how we raise our animals, so feel free to contact us with questions. If you would like a product you don't see, please contact us directly! We may have it or can have it specialty cut for you!

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